BCH major mining pools will implement a 6-month short-term donation plan to accelerate BCH development

Jiang Zhuoer posted a blog post "Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Financing Plan" on Weibo. The article stated that several major mining pools (BTC.TOP, Antpool, BTC.com, ViaBTC, Bitcoin.com) on BCH were prepared Implement a 6-month short-term donation plan, and provide sufficient development funds for BCH developers to accelerate the development of BCH before the bull market arrives in 2020-2021 / 22. For the purpose of providing this funding, it intends to donate 12.5% ​​of the BCH block reward to a fund that supports the Bitcoin Cash infrastructure. The financing plan will last 6 months and this plan will provide for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Important and much-needed support. Supporters include Jiang Zhuoer – BTC.TOP, Wu Jihan – Antpool, BTC.com, Yang Haipo – ViaBTC, Roger Ver – Bitcoin.com