People's Posts and Telegraphs List Six Potentials of Blockchain Development in 2020

The People's Post and Telegraph today published "Six possibilities for the development of blockchain in 2020". The article mentioned that we have several major threads to pay attention to and that 2020 will be the main blockchain protocol and digital assets in use, A year of continued growth in metrics and adoption. Some possibilities of the blockchain ecosystem in 2020 are: Lightning Network. In the coming year, we will see more nodes, channels and applications built on the Lightning Network infrastructure; derivatives of cryptocurrencies As more exchanges enter the field, this development will make the market more competitive in 2020; decentralized financing, decentralized financing (also known as DeFi) has broad advantages and is the future Direction of development. The DeFi project currently has a value of more than $ 650 million; Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum 2.0 has now entered the final stage of testing, and has released a public multi-client test set; privacy in transactions, people are increasingly concerned about the privacy of internal market transactions Cryptocurrency friendly laws. In the past two years, Wyoming, the United States, has enacted 13 laws on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We can expect that other regulators will do the same in the coming year.