Gold supporter Peter Schiff: those who use Bitcoin as money will suffer

Gold supporter Peter Schiff tweeted today, "A lot of people laughed at me for confusing PINs and passwords. I made a mistake and it cost me my bitcoin. However, using bitcoin as a currency is A bigger mistake, people who confuse this will lose more than me! "Commented Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital," Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the past decade. Peter, I'm not sure if the data Consistent with your analysis. "Peter said," Bitcoin's price increase in the past does not mean that Bitcoin is money, which has nothing to do with my analysis. I acknowledge that many people who bought bitcoin in the past and now sell bitcoin People will make a profit. But those who buy and hold now will suffer. "According to previous reports, Peter Schiff tweeted:" My bitcoin mystery is solved. I mistaken my PIN for a password Now, when Blockchain updated their app, my account was logged out. When I tried to log in again, I used the only "password" I know (actually a PIN). I also never I have backed up the mnemonic, which is a costly mistake. I was unable to retrieve my bitcoin. Because I never knew my password, I only knew the PIN, and I did not back up the mnemonic. Get back these bitcoins. So the problem is not that the wallet is broken, but that I confuse the PIN and password. "