Litecoin founder Charlie Lee: BCH 12.5% ​​reward proposal could set a bad precedent

Today, in response to BTC 12.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer's BCH 12.5% ​​block reward development fund proposal, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee commented: "At present, the miner alliance only has about 28% of the computing power of the BCH network Unless they invoke more computing power, this kind of soft fork cannot be enforced. And this may lead to many forks. Adding such a centralized feature in this mandatory way will create a bad one. Precedent. If this soft fork passes, it will be very unstable, because there will be large BTC miners motivated to carry out 51% attacks. They can switch to BCH and then dig 11 blocks in a row, and then they get all BCH, which is at least 14% more profitable than mining BTC. "