God V: BCH 12.5% ​​reward proposal is a mandatory soft fork

On January 23, in response to Jiang Zhuoer's proposal for a BCH 12.5% ​​block reward development fund, V God tweeted that he did not agree with the plan, saying that BCH's move was a mandatory soft fork. God V also said that it is more ironic that BCH is a blockchain born in response to an ideology. This ideology believes that soft forks are the only reasonable way to make changes because they belong to Voluntary behavior. " Now, BCH will conduct a controversial soft fork, and imply that this is "voluntary behavior". At the same time, God V also said that the main challenge is governance. He said that the public goods problem is not a temporary emergency, but a systemic problem that requires systematic solutions, which requires people to accept credible and neutral governance for a long time.