Chairman of Ping An of China: Ping An relies on blockchain and other technologies to build a "1 N" smart city integrated platform system

According to the China Financial News Network, on January 23, China Ping An Group held an enlarged meeting of the party committee on the theme of “Do n’t forget the original heart and remember the mission”. Chairman Ma and the Party Construction Leading Group leader Ma Mingzhe passed on Ping An Group The four core tasks of the beginning of the year: strengthening party building, fighting the epidemic, overcoming poverty alleviation, and technological innovation. Ma Mingzhe said that in terms of application of scientific and technological innovation achievements, Ping An relies on core technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing to build a "1 + N" smart city integrated platform system, covering smart finance, smart transportation, smart enterprise services, 21 functional sectors, such as smart agriculture, help provinces and cities overcome "urban diseases" and achieve the goal of "optimal government, prospering the industry, and benefiting the people."