The new French cryptography gives the blockchain the right to open a bank account at the beginning, provided they choose to be regulated

On April 26th, the French new cryptography "PACTE" bill will grant the right to open bank accounts in the early blockchain, provided they choose to be regulated. Domitille Dessertine, head of AMF's financial technology innovation and competitiveness department, said that the “strong feedback” of the encryption participants' demand for banking services matched the firm consensus of the French authorities to eliminate “banking relations”. The French government and legislators “are very supportive of this right and have the right to open a bank account as long as you are supervised.” Dessertine explained that the framework will be operational after the implementation of the decree, which will be implemented in the coming months. In addition, the new rules encourage French private equity or venture capital funds to participate more in ICO tokens, allowing them to take up to 20% of their managed assets (AUM) to invest in encrypted assets.