Ji'an launches national defense against illegal fundraising activities in the name of blockchain during the Spring Festival

According to the official website of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, in order to further promote the normalization of publicity and strengthen the management of illegal resource collection, Ji'an City has launched a publicity campaign to prevent illegal fund raising during the Spring Festival. It is reported that this publicity campaign focused on illicit fund-raising activities in the name of investment and wealth management, endowment health care, private equity crowdfunding, and blockchain, and mobilized administrative agencies, grassroots cadres, and comprehensive management grid members at all levels in cities and counties. To promote the full coverage of "mobilization deployment of government agencies, townships and streets, official website micro-propaganda, publicity materials into enterprises and households, publicity slogans to building village groups", etc., to spread the knowledge of prevention of illegal fund-raising to the grassroots and improve society Public prevention capacity and level.