Economic Daily: Everywhere is scrambling to deploy the digital economy, including cutting-edge areas such as blockchain

On January 23, the Economic Daily published a paper "Everywhere is competing for the digital economy." The article pointed out that the reporter combed and found that whether it is Zhejiang, Guangdong and other economically strong provinces, or Anhui, Hubei, Chongqing and other central and western regions, the development of digital economy is becoming a common action of many provinces. Anhui proposes to vigorously develop the digital economy, implement 5G industry planning and support policies, promote the landing of 5G commercial and application scenarios, and promote the innovative development of technologies and industries such as the Internet of Things, next-generation Internet, and blockchain. Hebei proposed to promote artificial intelligence, blockchain technology applications and industrial development, and accelerate the deployment of new infrastructure such as 5G base stations, the Internet of Things, and IPv6.