"Central Bank Digital Currency Working Group Meets with Relevant Company Personnel in Shanghai" is false information, the rumorist has been sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days

Source: China Securities Journal · CSI

Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau ’s official Weibo “Ping An Zhengzhou” issued a police report on the 22nd that, recently, the bureau found in its work that “China Channel” Henan Channel Company used its media account “Enterprise Times Network” to post information on Phoenix News Online. False information of the “Bank of China Digital Currency Working Group Meets with Relevant Company Personnel in Shanghai”, which misled the eyes of the majority of Internet users, disrupted the public order of the Internet, and caused adverse social impact.

China Securities Journal reporter was informed on the 23rd that on October 30, 2019, "China CDC" employee Li Moumou fabricated a rumor: The central bank's digital currency working group met with the head of the China Construction Blockchain Blockchain in Shanghai and Shanghai Yange Information Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Fang Yushu conducted in-depth communication on the research and development, access and testing of digital currency in the field of building decoration. This front Yushu once said that the central bank is very interested in the blockchain application of the construction and decoration information in the field of building decoration, and the decoration and construction information may participate in the first batch of data on the central bank's digital currency.

After making up the rumors, Li Moumou used the company's Dafeng account to publish from a media platform on a website from the Enterprise Times website. Later, some investors saw the news and consulted with China National Construction Corporation on the website "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Easy Platform". China National Construction Corporation replied that "the information is true." Today's headline public account "Flushing Finance" edited and released fake news based on rumors and the contents of the reply of China Decoration Construction. False news quickly appeared on the homepages of major media and spread widely.

At 11 o'clock that evening, the central bank released rumor information through the China Securities Journal and other media to clarify the rumors. At present, the rumor maker Li Moumou has been punished by public security organs for 5 days in administrative detention.

Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau reminded that the Internet is not a place outside the law, and citizens should be responsible for their own words and deeds. The majority of netizens are requested not to make rumors, believe rumors, or spread rumors. Those who fabricate and spread rumors will be investigated and punished according to law.