Swiss bank first enters the BTC era

Interpretation Today

At present, many banks in Switzerland have already started to provide crypto-token related services, such as: BTC escrow; SEBA Bank (full name SEBA Bank AG) in Zurich is one of them.

The bank provides the escrow of cryptographic tokens. In addition, it also introduced a cryptocurrency financial card similar to Coinbase, allowing users to spend with the cryptographic tokens inside, which can automatically convert the consumption amount into legal currency debits.

SEBA Chief Executive Guido Bühler said that SEBA had raised 100 million Swiss francs (approximately $ 103.4 million) from angel investors such as Heihe Asset Management founder Schwarzenbach. .

In addition, the bank also launched an APP that supports smart phone transactions, and users can purchase encrypted tokens on the APP.

"By linking to the back-end API of the global exchange, the price of our crypto tokens on the APP is quite competitive, and they can match the prices of OTC transactions."

Schwarzenbach, founder of Heihe Asset Management, continued.

"I am very excited about SEBA. SEBA will also launch crypto token derivatives and crypto token lending services in the future."

SECA is not the first Swiss bank to provide BTC-related services. Private bank Falcon Group launched BTC management services as early as 2017.

Matthew Blake, head of the token system at the World Economic Forum, described the bank's start of providing cryptocurrency token services as an "emerging trend."

"This is an alternative hedging behavior of an institution like a bank."

At the same time, the Swiss cryptocurrency startup Bitcoin Suisse has also applied for a "bank license", whose purpose is to provide mortgage services, loans and other services.

"We will be able to provide customers with cash accounts. We can also trade crypto token securities, stable tokens, and provide mini futures and products (Mini futures and products), allowing users to short mainstream crypto tokens."

Although there are many banks providing crypto token services, SEBA provides a unique service: it can hold a variety of legal tokens, including US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and new currencies, and can use these fiat currencies to trade mainstream crypto tokens such as BTC and ETH.

SEBA Chief Executive Buller said:

"So qualified investors can open a new account over the phone in 15 minutes, and investors do not need to go to Switzerland in person."

At the same time, he also mentioned that although SEBA was only recently launched, it has started to provide services to many high-net-worth clients and institutional investors who come from all over the world, excluding the United States.

Schwarzenbach added that a distributed financial (DeFi) platform like MakerDAO can provide financial services to both general customers and top users. In the future, I hope we can develop the DeFi architecture, which is our expectation for ourselves. As the market matures, we will be able to serve more users.

Market research

As the Chinese New Year approaches, there is a need to withdraw funds from the market. USDT continues to maintain a negative premium on fiat currencies, and digital asset trading is relatively cold. Today, BTC has fallen. It has fallen below the key position of 8500USDT, and there is demand for further testing of 8320USDT. We can observe that even when the key position of 8500USDT is worn under BTC, USDT still has a negative premium on fiat currencies, and the degree of coldness in the market can be imagined.

From the daily chart, the moving average diverges upward, but the MACD line is about to appear deadlock, and BTC needs to fall to the mid-rail of the Bollinger Band. Therefore, BTC consolidation shocks in the short term, and even continues to fall are high probability events.

From the weekly perspective, the golden fork of BTC above the 0 axis is about to appear, and the market may fluctuate or even rise.

In the long run, the BTC halving market is approaching. The recent turbulent market has provided investors with more suitable prices. At present, it is still a good time to invest in digital assets such as BTC. Long-term currency holders can consider fixed investment or bargain hunting.

risk warning

The price of digital tokens fluctuates violently. Investing in digital tokens is a high-risk investment behavior. Investors are requested to reasonably evaluate their investment capabilities and risk tolerance, and use leverage carefully, strictly control risks, and invest cautiously. Investors are reminded to keep in mind that investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.


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