Shi Chao: Trust Manufacturing of Blockchain Technology and Governance Logic of Its Application

On January 23, Shi Chao, a doctoral student in the School of Law of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, wrote that trust is the foundation of economic transaction relationships and the focal point of legal governance. From acquaintance society to modern society to cyberspace, the centralized trust mechanism is The major credit providers are also important carriers of governance. The blockchain, which originated from the underlying technology of Bitcoin, constructs a decentralized trust model in cyberspace through technical methods.It not only provides decentralized credit for strangers, but also changes the distribution of benefits in the production of cyberspace. Effectiveness, but stumbling on the rationality pursuit of the perspective of political economic analysis and the autonomy challenges of technological autonomy logic, the traditional legal governance mechanism is neither capable nor sustainable, and the legal governance model under the trust of blockchain technology needs to be updated and changed. Also based on the decentralized logical structure of blockchain technology and the theoretical contribution of self-organization, the self-regulatory supervision of "cooperative governance" by stakeholders through consensus protocols not only provides a path for infiltration of legal governance, but also generates internal and external binding forces To help the "co-construction and sharing" order generation of the blockchain system.