Security personnel: U.S. military is threatened by malware Emotet, which allows access to ransomware

According to Bitcoinist, cybersecurity researchers have warned that Emotet, a powerful email malware targeting government and military systems, was recently discovered. This malware is often used as an initial attack vector to allow access to Trickbots and ransomware. As of December last year, Emotet ranked first for malware threats for the third consecutive month. Its main attack path is through spam emails containing malicious links or Microsoft Word documents. The subjects of these emails are as varied as "Greta Thunberg" and "Christmas Party". Clicking a link or opening a document will download Emotet to your computer. At this point, the malware will attempt to spread by collecting email contacts and continue to cycle through spam. In addition, it can analyze the attacker's regular contacts and even respond to ongoing email threads, which makes it more difficult to identify threats.