Libra head: Central bank digital currency is the key to innovative cross-border payments and solving the problem of unbanked accounts

According to Cointelegraph, in a panel discussion on digital currencies at the World Economic Forum, David Marcus, the director of Libra project Calibra, said that regardless of the nature of central bank digital currencies, their discussions were about innovative cross-border payments and solving the problem of bankless accounts key. Central banks can allocate CBDC in two possible ways. One is a wholesale CBDC, so it can flow directly to consumers through existing banks and banking systems; or retail. But Marcus believes that in the context of the existing ecosystem, wholesale CBDC is meaningless because citizens will be further excluded and the central bank itself will not benefit from this change. In addition, Marcus stated the purpose of launching Libra: trying to figure out how we can solve the unacceptable problem, that is, 1.7 billion people who currently do not have banking services, and 1 billion people who are underserved.