Pieter Wuille: Schnorr signature and Taproot proposal BIP officially released, currently entering the community discussion stage

On January 24, Babbitt news, Bitcoin code maintainer Pieter Wuille tweeted that the Schnorr signature and Taproot proposal BIP had been officially released, and currently entered the community discussion stage, which said: "The Schnorr / Taproot proposal is now assigned as BIP 340, BIP341 and BIP 342, please refer to: https://github.com/bitcoin/BIPs/, please note that the allocation of BIP numbers does not mean any form of approval, it just means compliance with the process (including some public discussions) This means that these files are our final proposal to integrate Schnorr signatures and Taproot into Bitcoin, and whether they are accepted ecologically and how they are accepted will depend on you. "