Babbitt Accelerator Hu Mengdi: officially launched the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain Alliance, accurately connecting industrial and blockchain technology companies

On April 27th, at the second 2050 conference held in Yunqi Town, Hu Mengdi, co-founder of Babbitt Accelerator, said that the blockchain is the key link for cutting-edge technology integration. “Blockchain+Artificial Intelligence” can realize intelligence. Sharing and trading with computing power to form an open AI ecosystem; "blockchain + Internet of Things" can form a trusted closed loop for data line acquisition and online circulation; "blockchain + big data" can clarify data ownership To promote the open sharing of data; "blockchain + cloud computing" can reduce the blockchain deployment threshold by building a BaaS platform. She also pointed out that the cross-border application scenarios of blockchain include digital information deposit, supply chain finance, cross-border remittance, international trade, online loan business and supervision, P2P energy trading, and ecological protection. Hu Mengdi also officially launched the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain Alliance at the conference, aiming to accurately connect the industrial and blockchain technology companies. For more information, please click: