Professor Wu Da: A + B (AI Fusion Blockchain) is the development direction of future blockchain and artificial intelligence technology

By Cai Hengjin

Editor / Zhao Xuejiao

At the time of the change of old and new, Zinc Link invited industry leaders to discuss the development of the industrial blockchain 2.0 era, explore the integration of blockchain with other technologies, and the path of landing in the industry, and promote the industrial blockchain from 1 to 100 historical processes.

This article is Cai Hengjin, the executive dean of the Zall Intelligent Institute, and a professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering of Wuhan University.

We advocate A + B (AI Fusion Blockchain) as the future development direction of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. This is a comprehensive judgment based on the current status of AI development and the advantages of blockchain technology.

The cultural differences between the East and the West and the leading position of the modern and western world in science and technology have led to the current performance of AI as a priority for efficiency.

One of the important issues for A + B to break through is the evolutionary game of human-machine nodes on the same time scale through blockchain technology. Finally, the mutual empowerment of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology will introduce the future of human-machine Towards a good and sustainable direction.

I. Looking Back: Limitations and Obstacles in the Development of Artificial Intelligence

Machines evolve very fast. Although the kind of AI that is fully integrated into human society, as envisioned in science and technology movies, is far from our lives, this is because on the one hand technology is still developing, and on the other hand, the combination of technology applications and business scenarios is still running. in.

At that time, AlphaGo was able to attract widespread attention because it broke people's inherent impression of the level of AI development. The ability shown by it is mysterious to non-professionals, and it has led to technological innovation, and even its creators can only partially explain the source of its ability.

Technically speaking, deep learning and machine learning have developed to a fairly powerful level, and they have excellent performance in solving many target problems. When we talk about artificial intelligence, we're not just talking about storage, but more importantly, computing.

Materialist dialectics tells us that quantitative change produces qualitative change, especially when the accumulation of quantitative change is in the direction of the result of qualitative change. Artificial intelligence is gradually accumulating capabilities. From simple calculations and neuron connections, it has produced all aspects of human pride such as perception, analysis, judgment, and expression. It has an irreducible and unexplainable structure that displays intelligence. .

Why do we need blockchain technology in the coming intelligent society?

Now the rapid development of AI technology has begun to affect all aspects of our lives and work. Data tampering has almost no cost and is sufficient to achieve the level of falsehood. How can humans judge the authenticity of data? It is difficult to compete with AI counterfeiting technology based on human experience alone. The immutable nature of blockchain technology is bound to become a necessary basic technology in the future.

In addition, the complexity of society will be greatly increased due to the intervention of artificial intelligence, and it will become more and more difficult for humans to prove themselves innocently. In this case, blockchain technology is also required to bless us.

The development of AI will also determine the future of humankind. If it is an independent artificial intelligence system, it will cause many development problems and form obstacles. Combining artificial intelligence technology with blockchain technology to allow machines and humans to reach consensus together, co-evolution will be an important opportunity worthy of our grasp. Although it takes more time for the full application of artificial intelligence, it can be seen from the micro view that artificial intelligence is obviously different from the tools created by humans in the past. The help provided by artificial intelligence always coexists with the crisis.

2. Today: The advantages of blockchain technology are increasingly apparent

The proven nature of blockchain technology provides a possible solution for humans to actively respond to the rapid development of AI.

The creation and development of artificial intelligence technology by humans is a try every possible way, which cannot be completely restricted or prohibited, but we can make artificial intelligence applications go to the chain from an early stage, and record the creation and development process on the chain, allowing us or bystanders If you monitor at any time, you may detect possible dangers in advance and formulate a response plan in advance.

Of course, not everything needs to be recorded on the chain, because the importance of data on the chain places more emphasis on "completeness if there is one." When we need to prove that we are qualified to fight for an opportunity in the future, we will need to trace back these on-chain, tamper-resistant historical records.

Similarly, if we want to judge the counterparty that interacts, it is natural that we need to judge whether the counterparty is reliable through the historical data behind the counterparty ID. If the recording time is long enough and honest, then we will be more willing to believe that this node is evil in the current cooperation Less likely.

There is also a problem. Although the data on the chain cannot be changed, what if the initial data recorded on the chain is fake data?

We have actually shared this issue in many places. Blockchain technology is anti-tampering technology rather than anti-counterfeiting technology, but it can resist counterfeiting to some extent.

For example, we boldly assume that the original data on the chain is fake data, but if a fake record is to be established, it actually needs more other fake data to support it. The cost behind it is huge and the process is very challenging. Even if you can't lie a little bit, you will be exposed, and you will lose more than you pay. Then you might as well put the real data on the chain at the beginning. This is the lowest cost and most effective way. In cyberspace, there is data that lasts long enough to stand the test. It is valuable, and the nodes behind it are credible.

In the future era of intelligence, only a few trusted people in the society may be required to undertake the main work, so if you want to prove your eligibility, you need blockchain technology to record our past behavior data immutably and let others Infer credibility from records. Trusted nodes should immediately obtain the corresponding resources (which can be in the form of tokens), instead of traditional resources, which must be exhausted after a tedious review, such traditional methods have begun to stretch, and blockchain technology will Will become a necessity.


3. Prospect: Blockchain and artificial intelligence empower each other

The mutual empowerment of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology is not to bypass humans or replace humans in its entirety, but to enable machines and humans to evolve the game on the same time scale in the future cyberspace, for the common human and machine. Lay the foundation for financial integration.

The necessity of the combined development of the two is reflected in two aspects.

First, artificial intelligence technology continues to develop rapidly. The speed and power of machine evolution are much stronger than humans. At the same time, it increases social complexity, making it more and more difficult for humans to obtain real and reliable data. The more important.

Existing pictures, sounds, and videos can be easily faked. In the future, when AI is popular, if there is no blessing from blockchain technology, historical data will even be rewritten and can never be restored. In response to this major challenge, we need to introduce blockchain technology to track and evaluate AI creation and development, and track and record data to ensure our comprehensive understanding of AI development progress and the authenticity of data in the online world.

Second, artificial intelligence technology can be used to optimize and interpret and grasp the data on the chain as a whole. For example, the combined application of natural language processing technology can realize human-computer interaction and release part of human labor; and through intelligent recommendation algorithms, the blockchain system can provide intelligent matching to speed up the collaborative process of each node.

In the future blockchain world, the fundamentals of each node's security should originate from the maintenance of digital identity certificates provided by the main chain.

A digital identity must have a sufficiently long, authentic, and proven history to be a valuable ID. The passage of time, the accumulation of experience, and the maintenance of historical records determine the credible value of digital identities. It is more likely that when the future determines the direction of history, the future choice of humanity will be entrusted to a trusted group of people, rather than a short period of time. "Super-smart" that grew up quickly.

Many important decisions are not only the best at the moment, but they are still appropriate and correct choices on a longer time scale and from the perspective of historical review. This is why people have the characteristics of transcending time and space. Emphasis on accreditation, emphasis on history, a correct understanding of the core value of blockchain technology, and common regulation of the ethical value of blockchain.

The seeds of the new civilization of mankind have begun to take root under the promotion of new technologies.

The combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology needs to explore new ways of landing. The design of A + B can form a relatively independent blockchain subsystem between all collaborations. It is difficult for external attacks or hackers to shake the existing credit system. If you want to cause substantial harm, you must start from novice in accordance with the rules. By accumulating credibility through interaction and introducing the authentication of trusted nodes, they are qualified to launch effective attacks. This greatly increases the cost of launching the attack, not only financial and computing power, but also the time cost that cannot be ignored, and it must take enough time to establish credibility.

The future human-computer intelligent fusion blockchain system is more like a social system with life characteristics. The life system follows a long-tail distribution and is also a diverse distribution.

In the future, both material wealth and digital wealth will be greatly enriched. Although the human-computer-intelligent blockchain system cannot completely avoid the concentration of wealth to a small number of people, it can enrich the types of wealth instead of a single value system. It also gives humans more opportunities to explore efficient lifestyles and realize the ultimate needs of business development and human society.