Gartner General Manager: By 2025, 50% of smartphone users worldwide can use cryptocurrency accounts for daily financial transactions

According to Guardian, Miriam Burt, general manager of Gartner, the world's largest IT market research and consulting agency, said that by 2025, half of smartphone owners without bank accounts will use mobile-accessible cryptocurrency accounts for daily financial transactions. Burt noted that in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, two-thirds of people do not have a bank account; however, mobile user penetration in more than half of the countries has reached 70% of the population. This means that more people have a phone call than a bank account. About 23% of these people are underbanked, so they can use smartphones but not traditional financial services. Burt said that this will create huge opportunities for cryptocurrencies to become the center of mobile payments and digital wallets, not only in the entire Middle East and North Africa region, but also globally, and will increase financial inclusion plans. She also predicts that China will lead the way in this service area.