Xinhuanet: Looking at the economic work in central Chongqing throughout the year, the "characteristic development of the blockchain industry" is worthy of praise

On January 24, Xinhuanet published an article "Nine Highlights" highlighting the high-quality development of Yuzhong's economy while seeking steady progress. The article points out that in 2019, Yuzhong District of Chongqing City adheres to the general tone of progress in stability, adheres to maintaining stability and promotes growth, strives hard and works effectively, the core area advantage is further highlighted, and high-quality development achieves a new leap forward. Throughout the year's economic work in central Chongqing, there are "nine highlights" worthy of praise. This includes "characteristic development of the blockchain industry." Chongqing's blockchain industry innovation base is operating well, and more than 40 companies have settled in. According to the "2018 China Urban Blockchain Development Level Assessment Report", the base's comprehensive competitiveness ranks fifth in the country and enters the first echelon. The Blockchain Summit Forum of the Expo was held in Yuzhong again, with more than 240 companies participating, and the city took the lead in achieving continuous outdoor 5G signal coverage.