ChainSafe releases Go-Schnorrkel for Polkadot validator signature algorithm

Canadian technology company ChainSafe has released Go-Schnorrkel using the sr25519 signature algorithm in Go. Go-Schnorrkel was written by ChainSafe engineer Elizabeth. Go-Schnorrkel is an important step in the development of ChainSafe Gossamer. Gossamer is the second implementation of the Polkadot runtime environment. Validators will use Gossamer to perform signing duties and usually sign transactions within the Gossamer ecosystem. . Go-Schnorrkel includes a hierarchical key derivation feature that allows users to create multiple key pairs from seed key pairs, and also includes substrate-bip39 for creating key pairs from mnemonics. Go-Schnorrkel recently completed an upgrade to complete the implementation of a verifiable random function (VRF) function that will help nodes prove that they can author specific blocks for specific slots. ChainSafe also expressed thanks to Cosmos researcher Sunny Aggarwal for his help in substrate-bip39.