Deutsche Bank report: Bitcoin will grow at the speed of light but will not replace cash

According to a Deutsche Bank survey, according to most estimates, Bitcoin is growing and will continue to grow at the speed of light. But the report concluded that Bitcoin will not replace cash, even at the speed of light. No matter how the world trusts Bitcoin, the position of cash cannot be easily shaken. Too many people still think that traditional systems are more satisfying than new technologies like Bitcoin. The report explained: "Cash will be part of the economy for decades to come. For centuries, people have built up a deep trust in banknotes and coins during uncertain times. The same is true today." Deutsche Bank said that while cash Is a "dinosaur", but 33% of U.S. citizens say this is their preferred payment method. Beyond that, 69% believe that cash preferences will always be there. Basically, cash is a "dinosaur", but it is not "destined for extinction."