ETC Cooperative executive director condemns ECIP editor Wei Tang for abuse of authority and proposes to remove it from ECIP editors

According to AMBCrypto, Bob Summerwill, executive director of ETC Cooperative, recently announced expansion of support for the ECIP-0001 proposal. Some changes in the proposal include the removal of Rust developer Wei Tang. Bob Summerwill alleges that Wei Tang, as an ECIP editor and an ECIP-1000 author, has repeatedly abused his authority and threatened to soft fork or leave the ETC ecosystem. In addition, because the real name of soc1c was used instead of soc1c in the editor list of ECIP-1000, there were also voices in the ETC community accusing Wei Tang of searching for the soc1c human flesh of another ECIP editor in the community. In response, Wei Tang explained the cause of the incident in his blog, and responded that changes to the proposal involved were required to avoid ETC's excessive centralization. However, the later dispute actually transferred to himself. At the same time, Wei Tang said that there is no such thing as human flesh soc1c. Because when the editor list was merged, soc1c himself agreed, and the real name of soc1c is widely known in the community, and he often uses his real name.