Report: BTC trading volume has fallen sharply recently, and the market may fluctuate sharply in the long run

According to the AMBCrypto report, according to the latest report from Arcane Research, the 7-day average transaction volume of Bitcoin has fallen sharply in the past few days. The report pointed out that on January 22, the transaction volume fell to 306 million US dollars, the lowest level since January 1. In the past week, Bitcoin's valuation has depreciated by 6%. Considering that the average transaction volume for most of the month has exceeded $ 700 million, such a huge decline in transaction volume may highlight future BTC fluctuations Sex. In the long run, the decrease in transaction volume may also indicate that the market will be in a period of sharp fluctuations. BTC has recently broken through a major downward trend, and this development may have a bullish impact in the coming weeks, once again causing a surge in trading volume.