Nanjing Jiangbei Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau: Building a Modern Social Governance System Through "Blockchain Social Governance"

The Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau of the Jiangbei New District Management Committee of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province said on Weibo that in the new year, we will conform to the development of the main functions of the national new zone, the free trade experimental zone and the new main city of Jiangbei, and strive to be a new main city. The main force, comprehensively improve governance capabilities, through "grid + network" and "block chain + social governance", build a multi-dimensional co-governance, benign interaction, co-construction and sharing of the new district characteristic modern social governance system; strive for the best business The environmental guardian strives to achieve full-scale government service, comprehensive law enforcement, comprehensive data integration, and escort the development of the new area.