BTG core development team responds to 51% attacks saying exchange losses are far lower than reversal transactions

In response to the recent double spend attack on the BTG network, the BTG core development team responded that the monitoring system of the BTG team found that two transactions on the chain were reversed on the 24th, respectively 1900BTG and 5267BTG. The target of the attack was a top global exchange. After the attack, the BTG team contacted them as soon as possible, prompting to adjust parameters and improve the risk control level. Due to the timely use of risk control measures, the losses of the exchange were much lower than the amount of reversed transactions. At the same time, the team has maintained close contact with all exchanges to prevent future attacks. According to recent monitoring, the team found that the attacking power originated from the computing power leasing platform NiceHash, which caused the reversal of 14, 15 blocks, respectively. The team will update more information one after another.