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Blockchain is not a universal technology. There are many problems that blockchain can do, but there are also many problems that cannot be solved by blockchain. What the blockchain can and cannot do is a problem that often confuses beginners. This article analyzes the blockchain technology from the technical level, application level, and system level.

Dr. Gao Chengshi believes that blockchain technology and products are different from WeChat, QQ, and platform-level products such as Taobao, Alipay, Didi, or C-end products. What the blockchain technology and products need to solve is the transformation of industrial processes, at least for the B side, and even for an industry. Compared with the C-side product, the expansion logic is from bottom to top, and resource integration is implemented through the C-side aggregation; the blockchain technology and product logic are from top to bottom, with emphasis on business process reengineering.

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