Former Trump adviser: U.S. has responsibility to launch digital currency plan and lead digital currency

Former Trump adviser and researcher at the Hudson Institute, Tim Morrison detailed a "digital transformation" of the U.S. dollar to prevent China from being "leading in cryptocurrencies" in a foreign policy . Tim Morrison agrees with US Treasury Secretary Muchin that digital assets are a national security issue, but adds that digital innovation must stand firmly with the United States. He said that the emerging digital currency revolution is a national security issue. The problem is that its approach to digital currencies could push innovation into China, the country's main rival in national security. The uncertain climate of digital currency regulation in the United States may push innovation overseas. At the same time, China, the European Union and other superpowers are developing digital currencies for the "post-dollar world", and Washington will lag behind. Therefore, the United States has the responsibility to launch a digital currency plan to maintain the reserve currency status of the US dollar. Morrison emphasized that he does not want the United States to compete with digital RMB or digital Euro only. He wants the United States to lead digital currencies.