Market Analysis: How long is the deadlock, what are you waiting for?

The long and short sides in the market have once again reached a stalemate, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. The long-term decline will be the curse of the capital market. Therefore, we still think that at this point, we should take risks to prevent risks, but we can see up to 4,800 US dollars (BTC). ), we believe that at this point, the bulls will reorganize the offense.

Bitcoin against French currency transactions accounted for the top five in the Turkish lira, indicating that some of the high-inflation emerging markets are interested in bitcoin. Argentina and Brazil were also inflation-prone countries some time ago. The amount has increased dramatically. Many countries in the world are facing a collapse. Some of them are due to civil wars, some are due to their own economic problems, resulting in the continued depreciation of their currencies, causing large-scale inflation, like we are familiar with Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, etc. In the face of very serious inflation, the government has been unable to resolve it. In this harsh economic environment, there are only two ways for residents to pursue risk-avoiding. One is the preservation of gold, and the other is bitcoin. Although bitcoin is much more volatile than gold, it represents hope and its value. It is being recognized by people that unless the world is peaceful and the economy is prosperous, short-term fluctuations do not affect the long-term value of Bitcoin.


BTC spot 5-day moving average and 10-day moving average dead fork, 5 antennas continue to form downward pressure, the futures contract's 5 antennas have been crossed by multiple moving averages, the spread between the two continues to expand, has been sideways in the vicinity of 5280USDT for a long time Now, the 1 hour-level trend of the target can also be regarded as a small-level head and shoulders. Currently, the right shoulder is being constructed, and the volume of sales is shrinking. The market will once again test the support of 5150USDT and break the point again. Will test the support of 4800USDT, the lowest point of this round of futures contracts also hit around 4800 US dollars, pay attention to the risk, if the target re-quantitative station back to 5350USDT, then the bearish is invalid, will test the pressure of 5475USDT, but the possibility is small.


ETH is like a morning bell and a drum. It seems that people have lost attention to the target. We think that the target cannot go out of the independent trend and continue to suggest to wait and see. Currently, it is facing the pressure of 5 antennas. The 5 antennas have been leveled. Macd quickly moves to the vicinity of the zero axis, and observes whether there is any obvious pull-up action of the target near the zero axis. From the time-sharing point of view, there is no follow-up volume follow-up after the volume is released, and the support of 150USDT will be explored again if it falls. It may be further down to the 138-143USDT area.


The position of XRP's third child is still no longer able to be challenged, but the trend of this target is really weak. If you continue this way, I am afraid that I will abandon the position without waiting for others to surpass. For this target, we continue to recommend and wait and see. Stabilizing signs, re-station back to 5 antennas, 5 antennas have a tendency to turn heads up, and re-station back to 0.32USDT. We tend to see more.


BCH once again tested the support of $250, and still fell along the 5 antennas. There is no intention to stop falling. The macd indicator is opening downwards and is approaching the zero axis. There is no obvious sign of pulling up near the zero axis. Here is still to look at the next trend of BTC. If the BTC breaks, the big probability of the target will also fall. If you stand 5 antennas again, the bearish effect will be invalid and you may take a rebound.


EOS is still in the sideways, there is no independent trend, it is expected that in the short term, it may be oscillated in this interval. It is recommended to wait and see, and follow the trend of BTC with great probability.


LTC has been running along the descending pressure line, and it is running down quickly in 5 days, 10 days, and 20 days. As can be seen from the time-sharing K-line chart, the target once again fell below 70 US dollars to hit a new low. We think the target It will quickly fall to a strong support of $62, pay attention to the risk, and if the volume is back to $75, the bearish will be invalid and the box will continue to fluctuate.


BNB has had a short track line, and the 4-hour level macd indicator is glued around the zero axis. We believe that the channel's role is still valid. We believe that the target should at least break through the previous high point of 23.6USDT. The upper rail position of the broken track line can effectively get rid of the restraint of the track line, and use 20USDT as the indicator of strength and weakness.


TRX does have signs of stopping, and is currently struggling near the 5 antennas, paying attention to whether the target can stand back to 5 antennas and 5 antennas head up, with strong support at $0.0217. It is expected that the point will rebound and observe the macd indicator during the rebound. Can the gold fork return to the zero-axis, how strong it depends on whether the volume is matched, and fell below $0.217 to wait and see.

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