Digital Asset Research Institute raises 210,000 sets of N95 masks and 1,000 sets of protective clothing for new pneumonia

On January 24, the Digital Asset Research Institute, led by economist Zhu Jiaming, joined Zero One Finance to form a voluntary working group of more than 40 people, and launched the "New Year's Eve Initiative", advocating that: "(1) use personal and institutional power Support medical consumables and protective supplies for frontline physicians; (2) Ask all parties to find special material suppliers (especially protective clothing and gowns) that have stocks; (3) Issue your New Year's Eve proposal and be a frontline The doctor wrote a letter of thanks and a letter of condolences; (4) Do what you can and contribute some time. As of January 26, at 20 o'clock, the information disclosed by the Digital Asset Research Institute has raised 200,000 yuan in donation funds and 210,000 medical-grade N95 masks. After collecting the specific needs of 34 hospitals, CDCs, and the Red Cross, the fundraising team has implemented the transportation and delivery of a batch of materials, and 1,000 sets of protective clothing and 20,000 masks have been delivered to Wuhan Central Hospital.