Hangzhou 33 complex US charity platform pledges 100,000 yuan for disaster relief

Hangzhou 33 Complex US Charity Platform released an announcement saying that when it learns of medical institutions' help information and donation channels, in order to encourage more people to participate in the donation and deposit certificate, let everyone openly and transparently see the donation dynamics and eliminate unnecessary doubts. Hangzhou 33 Complex The United States hopes to use blockchain technology to do some practical things to achieve transparent disaster relief:

1. Register rescue resources, rank shortage resources, and organize and display donated points. 2. Registration of patient assistance information, registration of critically ill patients; 3. Publication of information registration of qualified material manufacturers, distributors, and distribution channels; 4. Registration of medical staff protection funds and use information registration, volunteer information registration; Registration as the basis for considering its contribution; 6. Registration of issue disclosure and coordination process. As the platform initiator, Hangzhou 33 Complex US pledged 100,000 yuan of funds or equivalent materials.