Popular science | Public chain is not a blockchain in the future. The alliance chain will become a blockchain business application leader

Whether the future of blockchain is a public or alliance chain has been a hotly debated topic in the industry. In this article, Dr. Gao Chengshi said that the public chain is not the future of the blockchain. And from the perspective of the consensus mechanism of public chain, alliance chain and private chain, it is analyzed that the public chain system is not the future blockchain operating system; from the perspective of user trust, it is pointed out that the public chain cannot become the mainstream of future blockchain business applications. .

The article further states that the alliance chain will become the dominant of blockchain business applications in the future. Only the alliance chain, through approval to establish a strong trust relationship, and then through online data sharing, to generate more credential data and peer information, on the basis of this streamline business processes, reduce intermediate links, and truly change economic processes and social governance. Business logic and underlying architecture to promote economic efficiency and change in social governance across society.

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