Director of the Local Financial Supervision Bureau of Hainan Province: Digitalization of small and medium-sized banks has a blockchain scene and other volume space in business innovation.

On April 26, Chen Yang, director of the Hainan Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, said that in the process of digital transformation of banks, financial technology will no longer be a simple support function, but more experience in the innovation of business scenarios, only constantly improving the temperature of services. In order to get more customers, the ultimate user experience will greatly improve the return on investment. Small and medium-sized banks want to seize the opportunity of market segmentation to establish a competitive advantage. The first key factor is talent. Secondly, the main content of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized banks is the transformation of the core business system. The ultimate goal is the price proposition on the business scenario. In the future of business innovation, there is still a lot of space, including smart banking, supply chain finance, blockchain scenarios and so on.