Singapore WBF Exchange Airdrops 2000 Masks to Support "Anti-epidemic Campaign"

During the Spring Festival, a large-scale outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the epidemic situation gradually intensified, and medical supplies in "heavy-hit areas" such as Wuhan were severely lacking. In this context, the Singapore WBF Exchange launched an emergency decision-making process. On January 24, it launched a "WBF mask airdrop" operation for Chinese users. At present, 2,000 medical protective masks are arriving in the hands of users.

In order to fully support the "Anti-epidemic Campaign", internal staff of WBF has now formed a voluntary working group to coordinate multi-party procurement channels during the Spring Festival, seek cooperation from domestic regular medical institutions, and actively deploy supplies to assist Wuhan. Not only that, the WBF anti-epidemic fundraising channel was officially launched. The funds raised will be used to support the prevention and control of new pneumonia epidemics in Wuhan and surrounding areas, purchase shortage of medical equipment and materials, and contribute to the safety and health of local people .