Viewpoints: the external traction of the blockchain and the internal development needs of the digital culture industry promote the application of blockchain in the field of digital culture industry

According to the People's Forum website, Xie Xuefang, a professor of the Department of Arts and Cultural Industry at the School of Humanities of Tongji University, published an analytical article "Internal and External Dimensions of the Blockchain and the Transformation of the Digital Cultural Industry." According to the article, blockchain looks like productivity, but as a decentralized self-organization, it has more characteristics of emerging production relations. The evolution of blockchain technology has brought about changes in system and program design concepts, promoted the reconstruction of the distribution relationship and trust relationship between consumers, enterprises and capital, and subverted the existing business organization model with community autonomy as the core organizational relationship. The article also mentioned that the blockchain will also have important application values ​​in cultural financial products, digital cultural trade, etc., and it is expected to be used in point-to-point transactions such as cross-border payment of digital cultural products and services, trade settlement, and the purchase and sale of derivative contracts Aspects play a role. The external traction of blockchain technology and the internal development needs of the digital culture industry are synergistically promoting the blockchain to shine in the digital culture industry.