Edelman Financial Services Executive Chairman: Investment financial adviser should allocate client funds to Bitcoin

According to Bitcoinist, Ric Edelman, executive chairman of consulting firm Edelman Financial Services, said that most financial advisers are "unwilling to invest their customers' money in Bitcoin", but they should not do so. "Bitcoin is worth your consideration in your portfolio," Ric Edelman said at a conference in Florida, USA. "How likely is Bitcoin to continue to fluctuate in the future? This is a question we must ask ourselves and which many consultants have never asked." The problem. "Edelman said he expects Bitcoin to grow. Some political activities are accepting donations from BTC, and Fidelity Charitable Funds and others are beginning to accept BTC payments. Edelman expects the blockchain to pave the way for a "certified economy" that will replace the "trust industry" and eliminate the need for ticket sellers, real estate agents and other intermediaries.