Research Institute: Bitcoin's safe-haven nature is increasing, and gold is more favored when extreme events occur Research Institute today released the "Research Report on the Correlation between Bitcoin and Gold Properties". The article states that at this stage, gold, as a national strategic reserve asset, has a social consensus on its stability and preservation. The market generally agrees that "there is a positive correlation between gold price and inflation", "gold price and the US dollar index, and important stock indexes (US Dow Jones Index, SP 500, etc.) are mainly negatively correlated. " Therefore, when the macroeconomic environment is highly uncertain and prices fluctuate, gold assets will be chased by market funds. In addition, bitcoin presents a risk-averse property similar to gold, which is related to the weak inverse of mainstream stock market indicators. Bitcoin and gold have a strong correlation when hot events occur suddenly (the Pearson coefficient is higher than 0.75 according to statistics); when the macroeconomic environment is poor and the price fluctuates greatly, the prices of both are rising. It is worth noting that when a national extreme event occurs, investors prefer Bitcoin as a risk asset over gold. As a hedging tool, the stability of Bitcoin is not yet comparable to that of gold, and its status still needs to be recognized by mainstream society. Although the risk cannot be ignored, its short-term hedging properties are gradually becoming clear.