Science | What is a blockchain browser?

Author: Iris

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What do you think of when referring to the blockchain browser? Is the blockchain technology used in the browser? Such ↓↓↓

Such ↓↓↓

NoNoNo it is like this ↓↓↓


Blockchain browser: Just like Baidu, it is a search tool and a website.

Blockchain Browser: Built on a common centralized network, it provides users with the ability to browse and query information on the blockchain.

Because of the open and transparent nature of the blockchain, it needs a medium that allows users such as miners, regulators, developers, traders, etc. to see the situation on the chain, such as a transaction, a block, and the current chain height.

The blockchain browser is this medium. Here, we can see all the information on the chain (except for necessary, such as real identity). Just enter a wallet address or a transaction ID to query their detailed information. .

Browser term

  • Hash: The hash value of this block is calculated based on the parent hash. When you want to view a block, you can query it through the block hash.
  • Block Height: Born from the genesis block, the fast height is recorded as 1. Every time a block is generated (different public chains, the number of blocks generated at one time is not necessarily 1, such as Filecoin), upward + 1.
  • Transactions: Refers to the total number of transactions contained in this block, including the number of ordinary transactions and the number of transactions that automatically execute smart contracts.
  • Block Reward : The amount of coins contained in this block.
  • Size (Size): It is the block size, not a fixed value, and it is related to the number of transactions, but the maximum value of each block is 2M.
  • Transaction fee (Fee) : the transaction fee of the transaction, the transaction fee in Ethereum = the gas (Gas Used) * Gas ​​price consumed. The transaction fee is related to the number of bytes occupied by the transaction and has nothing to do with the amount of the transfer.
  • Gas Limit (Gas Limit): This is the most Gas that can be used in this block. Only when the Gas (Gas Used) <Gas Limit (Consumed) is consumed can it be packaged successfully, otherwise it will fail and start from scratch.
  • Difficulty : Measures the average number of operations required to mine a block, reflecting how long it takes to reach a certain number of blocks under a certain degree of difficulty. In addition, there is a total difficulty (Total Difficulty), which is the sum of the mining difficulties of all blocks on the public chain.

In addition to technical terms, here are some commonly used blockchain browsers. If you are interested, you can try:


The interface is concise and supports scanning QR code to view the wallet address. There is a button at the bottom of the wallet that can switch between new and old BCH addresses.


The more well-known bitcoin browsers, in addition to the normal use functions, can also view data related to bitcoin activity in the past day.


Can search all kinds of information on the BTC, BCH and ETH blockchains. "You can search everything in the blockchain world" is its slogan.


The most popular Ethereum blockchain browser.


The first Filecoin web block browser.

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