ChainsMap Weekly Report: Data Decrease During Long Holiday, Binance Bitcoin Inflow Declines 44%

Beijing Lian'an focuses on blockchain security and data services. The following is a weekly report on the Bitcoin chain's data released last week based on the Beijing Lian'an ChainsMap on-chain data monitoring system.

In the past week (01.20-01.26), judging from the data on the main chain, the data during the Spring Festival holiday has clearly decreased compared with the previous week (01.13-01.19).

Transaction amount:

01.13-01.19: 6544117.39 BTC 01.20-01.26: 5179710.7 BTC

Decrease from the previous week: 20.85%

The detailed data chart is as follows:

Actual transaction amount:

01.13-01.19: 4749720.04 BTC

01.20-01.26: 3611862.79 BTC

Decrease from the previous week: 23.87%

The detailed data chart is as follows:

Number of transactions:

01.13-01.19: 2197554

01.20-01.26: 2142189

Decrease from the previous week: 2.52%

The detailed data chart is as follows:


Number of active addresses:

(The address that initiated the transaction is considered the active address)

01.13-01.19: 3332350

01.20-01.26: 3359919

Up from the previous week: 0.83%

The detailed data chart is as follows:

Large transfers:

(Single transaction initiated amount greater than 100BTC is considered a large amount transfer)

01.13-01.19: 7682

01.20-01.26: 7565 decreased compared to the previous week: 1.52% The detailed data chart is as follows:


Binance exchange BTC flow data


01.13-01.19: 58731.06 01.20-01.26: 32416.06 down from the previous week: 44.81% The detailed data chart is as follows:

01.13-01.19: 55889.08

01.20-01.26: 36383.52 decreased compared to the previous week: 34.90% Detailed data chart is as follows:

Net inflow:

01.13-01.19: 2811.98

01.20-01.26: -3967.74 decreased from the previous week: 241.110% Detailed data chart is as follows:

From the data of Binance Exchange, due to the unpredictable price of bitcoin in the past week, coupled with the Spring Festival holiday, the number of bitcoin participating in the transaction is not large, and the number of inflows and outflows has dropped significantly, especially the inflow of bitcoin is more than the previous week. Down 44%.

Security and data highlights

17,000 Cryptopia stolen ETH has been transferred to all money laundering

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that 17,000 Cryptopia stolen ETH previously gathered at the address beginning with 0x93db have been transferred. On January 19th, Beijing time, the address was transferred to the then active money laundering relay address beginning with 0x341a. 3400 ETH completed money laundering.

The remaining other ETHs were transferred to the starting address of 0x3397 by two large transfers, and then transferred to three addresses in batches of more than 400 ETH. These addresses are the same as the addresses used for money laundering on Sunday, which belong to

Upbit two-thirds of stolen ETH has completed money laundering

The Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that in the past 10 days from January 26, the money laundering behavior of Upbit's stolen ETH was in a relatively low frequency period. It mainly distributed further ETH that had previously been transferred to the centralized money laundering address (the period is very long) (May be accompanied by offline transaction process), but starting from today, in terms of on-chain behavior, related money laundering activities are likely to enter another round of active period. According to statistics, the number of Upbit stolen ETH addresses at levels three and four is currently in the early 100,000 ETH level, which means that more than two-thirds of the stolen 342,000 ETH has been laundered.

According to data analyst SXWK, Upbit's stolen ETH was mainly concentrated on 28 addresses in the fourth level, and then based on this level, the money was laundered and transferred quickly in batches. Currently, only 9 addresses have accumulated 85013 ETH. In addition, there are 15055.9 ETH remaining in the 4 addresses of the third level. Previously, Upbit's money launderers also laundered the fourth-level address ETH in batches, and did not frequently operate for two weeks. SXWK also pointed out that during the notification process of the relevant anti-money laundering information industry in which it participated, it was learned that many exchanges have established communication channels with Upbit, but the specific freezing effect of stolen money still needs to be confirmed by Upbit.