Analysis: BitFinex's BTC price is higher than other exchanges because of exit purchase

Recently, BitFinex's BTC/USD price is very different from most cryptocurrency exchanges. On Sunday (April 28), Coinbase's BTC/USD transaction price was about $5,190, while BitFinex's BTC/USD price was close to $5,500. In fact, if there is such a large price gap, anyone with a basic knowledge of the financial and efficient market hypothesis will think it provides a good arbitrage opportunity. So why are there no opportunistic traders using their arbitrage? Cryptopotato believes that the best explanation comes from Bloq co-founder Jeff Garzik's previous analysis: "This is an exit purchase. If you want to exit the exchange, when the French currency withdrawal method begins to expire, people must buy 'hard currency' – BTC Therefore, at the dying exchange, the price of BTC is higher. In the past encryption history, we have seen this data pattern many times, including but not limited to the Mentougou exchange.” Cryptopotato article analysis said that given BitFinex For all suspicious activities, any rational investor will be willing to pay a premium to get funds from the exchange.