The number of Bitcoin derivatives regulated by CME fell by nearly 6.2% in December 2019, indicating a decrease in investor activity in December

According to AMBcrypto news on January 29, according to a recent report from Crypto Compare, the number of Bitcoin derivatives regulated by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) fell by nearly 6.2% in December 2019 and is estimated to be approximately $ 3.96 billion. In December last year, CME continued to dominate the trading volume of the product, but this plunge indicates that investor activity decreased in December. The gray-scale Bitcoin Trust Product (GBTC) fell three times as much as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, depreciating 19.56%. In terms of total monthly derivatives transactions, OKEx leads with a 35.8% market share, which is equivalent to a daily transaction volume of more than $ 3.3 billion. Huobi followed closely with a market share of 29.16%, followed by BitMEX (19.7%) and Binance (11.4%). However, although the daily trading volume of derivatives is not as good as that of Huobi and OKEx, the total trading volume of BTC permanent futures market of BitMEX and Binance is the highest, accounting for 62.5% of the total market share.