Beijing News: Encouraging blockchain technology does not mean encouraging disorderly development of virtual currencies

The Beijing News published today the article "Retreat and Advance of the Blockchain: Spring and Winter Come? ". The article mentioned that as the blockchain rises to the national strategic level, on the one hand, China will play an important role in the future development of the blockchain through its own R & D and practical exploration of the blockchain, and accelerate the global block Development of the chain industry. On the other hand, although the application model of the blockchain is very different from the traditional Internet, the scale effect of the blockchain application is also obvious. Reserves, capital strength, and scale have large advantages, and may continue their position in the Internet era. The article also stated that regulation and encouragement of blockchain technology and industrial innovation are not the same as encouraging the disorderly development of virtual currencies. For those institutions and individuals that use blockchain technology to illegally issue virtual currencies, the relevant departments such as the central bank will adopt more stringent regulatory measures.