TGIC-Global Index Chain will upgrade the mainnet 4.0 on February 14, 2020

The TGIC-Global Index Chain will upgrade 4.0 on the main network on February 14, 2020. At the same time, 450 million TGICs were destroyed. TGIC originally issued 1 billion pieces, of which 300 million were released to the top 23 super nodes for several decades, and more than 8 million are currently released. When 450 million were destroyed, the total circulation was 550 million, of which 300 million were block rewards for supernodes. 20,000 were released every day and distributed to 23 supernodes on average, with the remaining 250 million being in circulation. It was close to 200 million. After the destruction, about 50 million TGICs remain in the hands of the project party. This part of TGIC will be used for team, community activities, applications and other consumption purposes.