Cosmos CEO responds to departure: I won't leave until Cosmos completes transition

Cross-chain project Cosmos CEO Jae Kwon responded to Twitter's question about leaving Cosmos. He stated that he will not leave Cosmos now and will wait until everything in the Cosmos network is stable before leaving, but he will still be a member of Parliament at Cosmos Interchain Foundation works. On January 29, a Twitter netizen said that Jae Kwon was about to leave Cosmos to work for an organization called Virgo, which aims to provide open source collaborative technology. Then Jae stated that he would not leave now, but would not leave until all the transitional stages of Cosmos were perfected, and he would also work as a council member at Cosmos' Interchain Foundation after leaving. At the same time, he said that Cosmos can now run independently without him. He is currently working on the AIB process, also for the governance of Cosmos.