Early Bitcoin investors: Bitcoin will be the next MySpace if the community does not make major changes

According to Cointelegraph, early Bitcoin investor Erik Finman said that since 2011, the Bitcoin environment has changed significantly and has not improved. Bitcoin is no longer what it used to be. He pointed out that the era of bitcoin "solidarity" and "cutting edge" technology seems to be over. I really care about Bitcoin, but I don't think the community can seem to bring it together. I tried to involve the community in fixing it, but it's very hostile. There are still a lot of great people in the community, as well as very smart people on technical issues. However, even if the world is turbulent, Bitcoin is not necessarily a cryptocurrency that people invest in at such times. He also said that Monero and Zcash are potentially better options. If the community cannot make a significant change, Bitcoin will be the next MySpace.