PeckShield warning: multiple DApps in the wave field were attacked by hackers

On April 29th, in the past few days, PappShield's security shield wind control platform DAppShield has detected 17 wave-court quiz DApps being dealt back to the rollback attack, losing a total of 33,933 TRX. According to preliminary analysis by PeckShield security personnel, hackers continue to place fixed bets on multiple DAPP contract addresses by deploying attack contracts. Each time a bet is initiated, if the profit is successful, the transaction will continue. Otherwise, rollback will be implemented to ensure that each win will be successful. The rate of return is fixed. This type of attack, which was previously widespread in the EOS public chain, has widespread harm and is now spreading to the TRON ecosystem. PeckShield cautions that DApp developers should be wary of the continued spread of such transaction rollback attacks and avoid further loss of digital assets.