God V objected to calling Defi mortgage positions as borrowing: traditional borrowing has to be repaid, and DeFi is a leveraged transaction

Recently, the American media Mashable published an article entitled "I have borrowed a sum of money without signing documents and seeing people." The article describes how the author used Compound to lend a sum of money. Lenders can easily borrow DAI stablecoins without applying to any institution or signing any documents. However, the content described in the article triggered the needless opinion of Ethereum's founder Vitalik (V 神). He believes that "the media believes that DeFi can make people loan money without signing any documents. The main reason is traditional borrowing. Some documents need to be signed to make sure that the lender can pay off the debt, and in DeFi, digital assets have always been in the hands of users, and only leveraged positions have been added. " God V said: "The difference between traditional loans and DeFi is that the house can't be divided, and the house is also occupied when the loan is used to buy a house. This makes DeFi and the loan different in terms of quantity." Vitalik referred to this kind of loan through DeFi as "CDP mortgage positions" and "active leverage trading", and stated that he has always opposed the use of the term loan on DeFi.