Tendermint cancels CEO role, decentralized Cosmos and virgo relationship becomes a mystery

Today, Jae Kwon, founder and CEO of blockchain company Tendermint ( Cosmos ), was rumored to leave the project and participate in a project called virgo, after which he clarified:

"I will not leave until the transition plan is complete. Even if I leave, I will still participate in the ICF as a board member. I am not 'leaving' Cosmos. Actually, when we say this, it is basically It works without me. "

From this explanation, it seems that Jae Kwon has not left the Cosmos project.

Businessman showing a card reading CEO

(Picture from: tuchong.com)

So what happened?

According to Jae Kwon's github code base, he has gradually submitted code for the virgo project since September 2019, and has contributed a total of 7 commits, while his contribution to the Cosmos project has been decreasing in the near future.


This also confirms Jae Kwon's own statement that "currently Cosmos works basically without my participation".

Let's take a look at the code base of the virgo project in which Jae Kwon is involved:


In the four months since its establishment in September 2019, the project has a total of eight code contributors, ranked in descending order of contribution, followed by nylira, jaekwon, haymond, hschoenburg, lovincyrus, kphed, faddat, cryptnotiq .

Their actual identities correspond to Peng Zhong (Chief Design Officer of Tendermint), Jae Kwon (CEO of Tendermint), Peter Haymond (Developer Relations Engineer of Tendermint), Hans Schoenburg (Chief Web Developer of Handshake), and Cyrus Goh. (Front-end engineer at Tendermint), Khoa Phan, Jacob Gadikian, and anonymous E.

At present, the core team of the virgo project is just some members of Tendermint, the main members of which are Peng Zhong and Jae Kwon.

Virgo and Cosmos' ambiguous relationship

According to the introduction of the official website of the virgo project, virgo (Virgo) is an open association of individuals and organizations. It creates open tools for coordination of all sizes. It will be a decentralized and transparent human coordination. The concept and brand are managed by a DAO organization (UDV) called Virgo (Virgo) in conjunction with DAO.

Well, this explanation you might see in the clouds, in fact, it is a decentralized community (or social network) in which anyone can share their ideas without censorship .

For the time being, we will not discuss the feasibility of this idea. What we are more concerned about is actually the relationship between the virgo and Cosmos projects?

In response, Tendermint company officials have just issued a statement saying: 5

"Tendermint is currently undergoing some internal reorganizations, and media rumours say our CEO Jae Kwon will step down from his position. The fact is that we are decentralizing control of the organization and the Cosmos ecosystem. One way to do this, It is the removal of Tendermint's CEO role. Jae Kwon put part of the time into the Virgo project, which is an experimental project of Tendermint, similar to Google X of Google.

Jae Kwon will continue to serve on the Interchain Foundation Board of Trustees with a mission to advance the Cosmos network.

As the core development team writing Cosmos Hub software, Tendermint will continue to operate as always. " According to this explanation, the virgo project still seems to be a product of Tendermint, but it does not explain the relationship between virgo and Cosmos (in contrast, the relationship between Voice and EOS is more clear).

At this point, the author really does not understand the operation of Tendermint company. It seems that the two explanations of "split" and "decentralized experiment" can make sense. Of course, the official statement is naturally the latter.

What's your opinion?