Blockchain is becoming more and more mainstream, what opportunities do ordinary people have?

For cutting-edge technologies, short-term effects are often overestimated, and long-term effects are underestimated. The same goes for blockchain. More than a year ago, blockchain was still a niche topic and obscure terminology. Now, among the top ten skills required by 2020 companies listed by LinkedIn, blockchain is the first.

The evolution of technology is not progressing at a constant speed, it is more likely to develop with increasing acceleration. When you understand the blockchain and want to wait for a suitable time to participate, it is more likely to be a bystander of technology.

Blockchain is being integrated into our lives. Now that you can choose how to participate, let us imagine together: What are the opportunities for ordinary people to participate in the blockchain?

To this end, we invited several industry leaders to share their views:


Bin He co-founder He Yi

I believe that the blockchain will still be the world's largest growth point in the next decade. If you are a professional, join the top companies in the industry, such as Binance; if not, you can also buy the tokens of the top companies, such as BNB Of course, holding Bitcoins in stages is also a good choice.


Kong Meng, founder of VeryHash

Buying a mining machine is the easiest way to participate. There is no one.


Zhao Yu, Head of Technology,

Learn professional knowledge, and if possible, start a business in this industry, just like when the internet industry first appeared.


EosWiki CEO Elton Loi

Token is just one aspect of blockchain applications. Ordinary users can use blockchain technology to solve various problems in life, such as information preservation, information verification, value exchange, participation in various DAO collaboration organizations, and other blockchain-driven services. Business users can use blockchain to provide users with Provide various services such as traceability, on-chain business based on smart contracts.


Co-founder Johnny Lyu

Ordinary users can directly enter the use of the blockchain in order to increase the well-being of the blockchain. But the sooner you enter, the more you can feel the charm of this industry.


Ji Kang, Ethereum Classic Community Manager

As mentioned in the second day's topic, the blockchain industry is diversified and requires the participation of talents from all walks of life. First of all, we must understand our own strengths. Technical research, academic research, marketing, business cooperation, value management and other expertise can be used as a breakthrough to enter the industry. After entering the industry, continue to learn and practice to develop expertise and make up for shortcomings.


QuarkChain CMO

This may depend on future developments. When the early Internet appeared, not everyone could participate, but just use it. I believe the same is true for blockchain.

And if you are interested in this industry, I think there are three types of opportunities:

One is the communicator, who can better spread the concept of the blockchain and let more people understand. And condensed their thinking in the communication with more people, thus bringing innovation to the industry.

The second category is technology practitioners, that is, relying on existing programming knowledge or becoming developers or forming developer groups through learning, designing blockchain systems by developing applications, and bringing development to the entire industry.

The third category may be to become non-technical practitioners, such as product managers and sales, responsible for B2E, which is Blockchain to Everything. At present, there is a huge talent gap in this field, and if you master certain blockchain knowledge, you will have the opportunity to join. After many projects have achieved basic development, what they need is to sell them and then get the money back.


Co-founder of SIPC.VIP

Blockchain as a low-level technology is just like Internet technology. For ordinary people, in the Internet era, you will not care about the underlying technology, but you ca n’t live without it at all times. Participation, never absent, the future of blockchain technology will also be like this.