New Zap feature Strike is being tested and will allow users to buy bitcoins in USD via the Lightning Network

According to Bitcoin Magazine, the highly anticipated addition to the Zap service is being rolled out in a new format that will allow users of the wallet to buy bitcoins in USD using the Lightning Network and deposit them directly into the Zap wallet. This feature is currently called Strike, which is the same as Olympus should implement, but in a different way. With Olympus, Zap users will have a Lightning Network payment channel, no matter how much bitcoin they buy through this service. With Strike, Zap does not immediately convert cash to Bitcoin for each user, but instead maintains a static USD balance for each user and sends them lightning payments for each transaction. Zap founder Jack Mallers explains that this model is hosted. Zap decided to launch this model after it began testing Olympus Beta and encountered some obstacles in terms of tax impact and user experience. Currently, the service will receive new users on a weekly basis from the test program list. Mallers hopes that by the end of Q1 2020, Strike will be ready to fully engage the public.