Fighting the epidemic, the chain industry is not lagging behind: more than 30 blockchain companies help fight the epidemic

In the chain circle of the Chinese New Year, there is less voice to discuss the market, and there are more activists concerned about the epidemic.

As of 16:00 on January 30th, Tencent data showed that there were 7,766 confirmed cases of new-type coronavirus pneumonia infection nationwide, 12,167 suspected cases, 170 deaths, and 129 cures. There are confirmed cases in all provinces across the country. Among them, Hubei Province, where the epidemic was most severe, had a total of 4,586 confirmed diagnoses, 162 deaths, and 90 cured.

Hospitals are at the forefront of responding to the epidemic. Since January 20, the number of new coronavirus pneumonia infections has surged. The worst epidemic situation in Wuhan first appeared in shortage of medical supplies such as medical masks and protective clothing. Subsequently, other cities and counties in Hubei, The same situation also occurred in towns and other regions with severe epidemics.

When the epidemic spreads and materials are scarce, the blockchain industry joins the support team. They take advantage of the industry's usual distributed coordination advantages to set up funds, find reliable channels, purchase materials from all over the country and even overseas regions, and send them to areas where they are in urgent need.

As of now, according to incomplete statistics from Hive Finance, at least 30 companies or communities in the blockchain industry have launched material support for the prevention and treatment of new types of coronavirus pneumonia, including digital asset trading platforms such as Eurotech, Binance, Huobi, and MXC. It also includes project teams such as TopNetwork and Quantum Chain, as well as investment institutions such as Golden Capital. According to the data on January 27 of the on-chain finance and economics, the total amount of new financial companies including blockchain companies to aid the epidemic has exceeded 1.7 billion yuan.

Start donation before the holiday

Since its establishment in late January, people in the "masks and protective clothing medical materials information sharing" group have been communicating about the purchase channels of rescue materials every day. This online contact group for materials, initiated by the digital asset trading platform MXC (Matcha), has brought together more than 200 people, including matcha staff and users.

"We have the money and the money, we will work hard to match more resources and provide more help as soon as possible." Henry, vice president of MXC Group, introduced that MXC began to prepare material assistance to fight the new coronavirus from January 22 to To operate as a volunteer. At that time, there were still more than 300 cases of new pneumonia diagnosed nationwide.

On January 24 and 25, MXC volunteers issued 17,640 pieces of N90 / KN95 protection to the Red Cross Society of Hong'an County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, the Red Cross Society of Shahekou District, Dalian, local public welfare personnel, and 1062 friends in need. Masks.

Blockchain industry people initiate public welfare action

The team of the public chain project TOP Network had just been on vacation at that time, and member Rachel felt the urgency of the situation from the social network. "Epidemics are spreading everywhere. When you buy masks, you find that Taobao and are out of stock."

The TOP team decided to do something. On January 24th, they started looking for channels to purchase masks online, and ran the physical store. Delivered to the Fifth Academy of Wuhan. "A team of more than 70 volunteers worked together to solve the problem of docking and delivery of materials.

Binance Group ’s internal charity organization decided to donate materials on New Year's Eve. “It was originally prepared silently. After one day, it was found that the procurement of materials, logistics, and core information is difficult to coordinate, and then sent a circle of friends to contact externally.” He Yi said that Binance Charity Plan invested 10 million yuan. In the initial stage, donations were made to front-line medical personnel. Binance has paid a million yuan. All donations will be disclosed later.

On the same day of New Year's Eve, Huobi Group also started to take action. Huobi Charity took out 10 million yuan for the purchase of materials. "Finding channels, buying medical supplies, and shipping to the places where it is most needed." Ciara Sun, the founder of Huobi Charity, said From January 27th, Huobi Charity purchased 20,000 personal protective masks authorized by 3M company and shipped them to the severely affected areas. From January 27th to 29th, a total of 600,000 pairs of medical-grade gloves and 2,500 medical-grade masks will be delivered to Hubei and Hunan; on January 29, 1,000 oximeters are being packaged for shipment to 20 The home needs a hospital. "At the same time, we have purchased 45,000 protective clothing from overseas and are expediting shipping to China."

The first batch of materials from Eurotech Group has reached the front line

Today, the first batch of 100,000 medical supplies of Oke Group have also arrived in seven hospitals in six counties and cities in Wuhan, Xianning, Huanggang, Ezhou, Hanzhong and Hong'an. These supplies include but are not limited to goggles, protection Clothing, masks, rain boots, etc., "Directly contact manufacturers in China through friend introductions, purchase and ship from manufacturers." Oke staff introduced.

The quantum chain project is separately listed from the foundation's operating expenses, and 200,000 yuan was donated to the Hubei Provincial Charity Federation to support the epidemic area.

As of now, according to incomplete statistics of Hive Finance, at least 30 companies or communities in the blockchain industry have launched material support for new coronavirus epidemics, including digital asset trading platforms such as Eurotech, Binance, Huobi, MXC, It also includes project teams such as TopNetwork and Quantum Chain, as well as investment institutions such as Golden Capital. According to the data on January 27 of the on-chain finance and economics, the total amount of new financial companies including blockchain companies to aid the epidemic has exceeded 1.7 billion yuan.

Overcoming shortages, logistics and screening challenges

When the epidemic met the Chinese New Year holiday, material financing, transportation, and screening of effective materials and real supply channels became common problems for the blockchain industry supporters.

The 17,640 masks donated by the earlier MXC were purchased in two batches. "The first batch of masks came from Guangzhou. Because the entire supply is very short, it is difficult to buy a large number of KN95 masks. The cost of the first batch of materials was relatively high. The quantity is also relatively small. "Henry, vice president of MXC Group, said that when purchasing the second batch of masks, they purchased directly from a medical group in Sichuan. Directed donations to the local hospital in Hong'an County through the Red Cross. "

Oke Group is responsible for purchasing materials is the large market department. "The main difficulty is that various manufacturers are now expediting production. Some supplies are not particularly sufficient, and it will take some time."

Transport corridors are another obstacle. A few days before the Spring Festival, Wuhan, a city with severe epidemics, closed the city, and the land channel of SF Logistics was suspended, and only air freight was running; other logistics companies were initially out of traffic.

Ciara Sun, the sponsor of Huobi Charity, reported that some transportation controls in some severely affected areas have occurred, some logistics companies are unable to cooperate due to the warehouse being full, and some material manufacturers are unwilling to distribute to their designated hospitals. "We can only ask them Send to a place, and then contact some local team volunteers, and ask them to receive the supplies and distribute them to the demand hospital. "

Trouble is not just about the shortage of materials and poor logistics. Many supporting companies have stated that they have encountered chaotic phenomena such as driving up prices and fakes in the process of purchasing materials.

The TOP team's Rachel was a bit helpless. During the difficult process of raising masks, protective clothing, and goggles, they encountered factories that started from the ground. "Prices increased by the hour, and within a few hours, the price rose from 9 yuan to 16 yuan. money."

While facing the increasingly urgent resource needs, it is necessary to identify the most authentic materials among hundreds of false resources. Huobi encountered various "unthinkable difficulties" in the aid process. "Many scammers send false resource information For the first time, unscrupulous merchants increased their prices temporarily. We found for the first time that masks must also be 'dispensed.' Ciara Sun is one of the coordinators responsible for Huobi's assistance work. When purchasing materials, he and his team must constantly identify many merchants, Unknown channels sell products or fakes that do not meet the standards; in order to prevent "fail", they strive to find channels that can be directly supplied.

Binance charity supplies are continuing to be delivered

Binance also encountered the trouble of earning the difference and counterfeit by intermediaries. The co-founder of the company He Yi introduced that the most difficult problem encountered by Binance Charity was the procurement of materials. "The water is deep. At present, many materials do not meet medical standards. As well as some middlemen earning spreads and flooding of fake goods, it has made purchasing more difficult. "To this end, Binance Charity has formed a process internally, and each item must be double-checked to ensure that the demand-side information is authentic. Second, to prevent invalid support caused by fakes.

In terms of effective support, Huobi Group has recruited professional medical personnel to help identify the authenticity and validity of the materials. "Before we purchase each batch of materials, we will verify the needs of the hospital, and only purchase and donate after the standards are met. . "

Take advantage of overseas advantages and pay attention to the shortage of county and township supplies

In this support operation, internationally operating blockchain companies have taken advantage of overseas sites, and a large number of materials have found supply channels from abroad, but they also need to overcome difficulties such as customs clearance and standardization.

The third batch of MXC materials was purchased from Japan and is already in transit; a large number of materials for Binance have gone through international air transport channels; overseas members of Eurotech Group have contacted and docked with materials in countries closer to China, such as Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Huobi has used global resources to purchase materials, including but not limited to Denmark, Italy, France, the UAE, Argentina, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and other countries. "Hundreds of colleagues around the world, multiple departments, sub-stations , Institutions, from the beginning of the first day, 24 hours of global time difference work, in the docking group, 24 hours always someone is responding and communicating to mobilize local logistics companies. "Ciara Sun introduced, Huobi overseas colleagues to coordinate their own resources," Some colleagues And his relatives and even human flesh. "

Huobi Weibo continues to update material delivery

Due to the difference between overseas and domestic medical standards systems, how to ensure that overseas medical supplies found meet national standards?

In this regard, Ciara Sun said that before buying each batch of goods, Huobi Charity will verify with the demanding hospital, and ask professionals to help identify the authenticity and determine the standards before purchasing. In addition to requiring merchants to provide detailed product introduction lists, It is also necessary for the other party to provide three production certificates, that is, third-party testing certificate, medical device registration certificate, manufacturer's medical license and other checks. "Doctor guidance, during this period of high-intensity exercise, our colleagues have become medical device experts. pressure."

During the Spring Festival, after the epidemic spread from Wuhan, support actors in the blockchain industry also began to pay attention to the situation outside Wuhan, hoping to send materials to more scarce and scarce cities and villages.

During the operation, the MXC team found that county-level hospitals often lacked attention, and coupled with the severe epidemic situation, their supplies were also in short supply.

On January 28, the MXC Group announced that it has cooperated with Beijing Gongren Public Welfare Foundation in the fight against new coronary pneumonia. The two sides began joint exploration on how social forces can support rural areas lacking basic protective materials below the county level. Beijing Gongren Public Welfare Foundation is a non-public fundraising foundation jointly promoted by many rural construction network units such as Professor Wen Tiejun, the founder of contemporary rural construction, Liang Shuming Rural Construction Center (Beijing Liang Shuming Rural Cultural Development Center), and the purpose of conducting charitable activities. Integrate social resources and eliminate poverty, not for profit.

The first batch of materials from Eurotech Group not only arrived in Wuhan, but also supported local counties and cities such as Xianning, Huanggang, Ezhou, Hanzhong and Hong'an.

Distributed office does not affect post-holiday resumption

When the Spring Festival was intensively aided, holidays throughout the country have been extended to avoid further spread of immunization, and when the resumption of work and the epidemic response after resumption of work are also of great concern.

The "distributed office" often adopted by global blockchain companies is just right for the current situation. At the same time, a number of companies stated that they had prepared information reporting, disinfection and epidemic prevention for their returning colleagues.

Members of Quantum Chain said that the epidemic had little impact on project operations and team work. "We are mainly distributed offices, with teams in Shanghai, Beijing, and overseas places; the external operating environment may be affected, mainly from domestic extended holidays. Cooperation with some partners may be delayed. "

The Quantum Chain team has launched an anomaly notification mechanism. For some colleagues in China who need to return to work after the vacation, they will work from home. They will be tentatively scheduled to return to work on February 10, and will be in due time according to the epidemic situation and national policies. Adjustment.

The information reporting mechanism of Eurotech Group requires that those who travel around Wuhan or have contact with surrounding people who have discomfort such as fever and cough should report to their immediate superiors and HRBP in a timely manner; after returning to Wuhan, workers in Wuhan and other regions in Wuhan I will isolate myself for 2 weeks, and use home office during the period; if the company employee or family member suspects or diagnoses a case, a full staff notice will be issued; the company has prepared protective materials such as masks, medical disinfection measures, hand soap, and thermometer to ensure returning employees Safety; For certain cities and regions, if there are employees who are restricted from leaving the city, such as those with close contact history or self-inspected persons with infection, they will be re-determined according to whether there are relevant isolation policies and specific circumstances.

The TOP team members also completed the filling of the employee form, including whether they have left the office city and destination before and after the Spring Festival, and whether they can accept remote work. "However, in the past half month, our TOP friends have basically had no rest. She went to reinforce or work online. "Rachel said that she never went out when she returned home. After joining the material support, her family never paid much attention to the epidemic, then to support, and there has been a big change." My sisters have Go into the volunteer group and do what you can. "

Huobi Group has set up a "new-type coronavirus epidemic treatment team" on January 21, which regularly communicates with various departments, while paying attention to the development of the epidemic, real-time updates of targeted strategies for epidemic prevention and control, and equipping employees with corresponding medical care tools; For employees in areas with severe epidemics, self-checks were urged three times a day. "Besides checking body temperature, we mailed medical masks to Hubei employees and their families at the beginning of the outbreak."

At present, blockchain companies are taking full advantage of the "distributed" advantage. To fight the epidemic, the chain industry will not fall behind.